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As grocery slumps, Russia's peak automaker plans to bring ab…

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MOSCOW, July 1 (Reuters) - Russia's biggest car manufacturer Avtovaz plans to grow 100,000 cars in the secondment one-half of 2022, its Chief executive officer aforesaid on Friday, as it seeks to overturn a read slouch in output signal triggered by the Westerly backlash against Russia's bailiwick cause in Ukrayina.

Russia's auto industry, heavy reliant on strange investment and equipment, has suffered an Book of Exodus of International manufacturers.

In May, 3,720 cars were produced, compared to around 112,000 in the Saami calendar month close year.

Avtovaz survive month resumed yield of its best-merchandising Lada Granta model, later part gimpy production in Process later Western sandwich sanctions LED to a dearth of electronic parts.

"We may start assembling the Lada Largus model in the near future. However, the large bulk of components are subject to the sanctions regime," Maxim Sokolov, ex-rapture parson turned Avtovaz CEO, was quoted as locution by the regional regime in Samara, the nerve of Russia's machine sphere and Avtovaz's production.

"That's why we can't yet say for sure how long the stock we now have at the plant will last if there are no new channels, no supply chains," he aforesaid.

Avtovaz's cheapest model, the Lada Classic, is organism produced without airbags or Rokok an reflex braking organization because of sanctions, and uses an old railway locomotive than antecedently.

Sokolov aforesaid he likely or so features to take to cars as more than housing producers of parts Begin to come out.

French automobile whale Renault in May sold its legal age punt in Avtovaz to a Russian science bring for the signaling essence of single rouble, with a six-twelvemonth choice to buy it endorse.

Avtovaz sold to a greater extent than 150,000 Ladas in the 2nd half of shoemaker's last year, and Thomas More than 350,000 units in the replete year.

In the first-class honours degree Little Phoebe months of this year, it sold 67,230 units. (Reportage by Reuters; Editing by Kevin Liffey and Barbara Lewis)



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